Business Continuity

You’ve invested valuable time and equity to building your business. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, you want to ensure the continued viability of your business and preserve the foundations you’ve established.

We’ll help you develop a strategy to maximise the value of your business and its growth potential.


Key Person Insurance

Behind every successful company are key personnel whose contributions are integral to the continued success of the business. Loss of service of such key personnel through resignations, retirement, death or disability can have a critical impact on your business.

Key person planning protects your business through compensation and retention plans, as well as corporate incentive schemes to minimise disruption to business operations.


Guarantor Insurance

At times, it may become necessary for your business to extend Guarantor Insurance Loans backed by the personal guarantees of your company directors, creating an exposure to additional liability risk that could negatively impact the family wealth.

Guarantor Insurance schemes are designed to protect against this exposure, through the strategic structuring of insurance policies and trusts to protect your family’s assets against risk of loss due to liability claims.


Buy-Sell Arrangements

In the event of demise, disability or retirement of a shareholder in your business, you want to ensure that questions surrounding transfer of shareholding ownership and liabilities, and implications to remaining shareholders are addressed in a conclusive and unambiguous manner.

Find out how you can define a comprehensive and appropriate valuation strategy upfront, with the assurance of adequate future protection for your business.

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